Tourism means the principle of traveling for pleasure. Many people are in the habit of traveling over different countries in order to see the places of their respective interests like the structures of sculptural beauty, attractive spots of nature and so on… So, we find a lot of foreign tourists in different state.

Best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide….

Nowadays there are too many things, which keep us in stress: our job, traffic jam, problems in personal live. And of course, many of us want to forget these problems in exotic countries, sightseeing the seven wonders, visit to place that you have seen in advertisement or just to open something new for ourselves. First questions that we have to decide is should we travel in a group led by a tour guide or by ourselves.

No doubt, India's diversified culture presents a 'paradise for tourists' but to keep it intact, a number, of judicious and prudent policies to facilitates the tourists and attract more and more tourists are to be framed and require to be implemented at a fast pace. The tourists visiting India should be enchanted not only with the rich heritage, but they should also feel here safe, sound and welcomed.

Maharashtra holds fort as one of the most appreciated states offering some incredibly beautiful places under different themes for tourists. It has a varied landscape bounded by the Western Ghats, numerous forts, pilgrimage places, beautiful beaches etc.

"If we were to look over the whole world to find out the country most richly endowed with all the wealth, power and beauty that nature can bestow in some parts a very paradise on earth. I should point to India.”

On the other hand, traveling without guide is dangerous. In every country if local people guess that you are alone tourist, they will try to trick you, to invite to date and even to frighten you, which will disturb your traveling mode without a guide.

In short, We would rather suggest you to travel with tour guide…….